9 Jan 2010

What rolling stock?

Swedish X2000 train

Adelante train interior

Sensibly designed stock for Britain's railways would look something like this. It would be locomotive hauled, like the vehicles in the blog masthead (BREL's International train), and it would be constructed of corrugated stainless steel, for strength, lightness and low maintenance, like the Swedish X2000 tilting train, above. It would have a bay dimension of 1.9 metres and most of the seats would be arranged in facing pairs on either side of a window, as in the Alstom Adelante train in the lower illustration. Not more than one-third of the seats would be arranged airline style, and they would have a spacing of 95 mm. There would be ample space for luggage, mostly between the backs of the seats, though additional luggage shelves would be needed for passengers sitting in airline-style seats since these have not luggage space between the seat backs.

All the seats would be corrrectly aligned to the windows to give an unobstructed view.

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