9 Mar 2010

Kent and Sussex Route Utilisation Strategies

The Kent Route Utilisation Strategy January 2010 sets out Network Rail's strategic vision for the future of this vital part of the rail network serving Kent, parts of East Sussex and London.

The Sussex Rail Utilisation Stategy does the same for Sussex.

These run to 220 and 192 pages respectively so would need studying in detail. Given that funding is tight, the proposals are probably something like the best that can be achieved. But if a fraction of the sort of amounts that HS2 will cost could be made available for local schemes, all sorts of desirable projects could get the go-ahead.

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  1. Training in London. Live in Deal. Cannot bare another 4+hour round trip. Keep you HS just bring back more routes that do not stop at every single bloody commuter station from Deal to London and vice versa. Have tried making this journey with HS to no end after having to get tube across London, nice tactic by the way for train companies to net themselves a little more cash. Arghh I am in complete dispair. Will drive tomorrow because I'v had enough of this inadequate service.