7 Apr 2010

Double-stack containers

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If there is to be any new railway construction in the UK, shouldn't the lines be designed to accommodate double-stack containers like this on Indian Railways?

It will of course take time before even a useful basic network is established but one has to start somewhere. A worthwhile initial aim would be to develop routes from Felixtowe and Southampton to the Midlands.

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  1. I have to dither (not differ) on this point - I'm not sure of the efficiency benefits of double stacking - I know its common in the USA - but they have a truly continental rail system (like India). There must be an advantage in some way given the extent of its use in America.

    Unrelated note: Your previous posts questioned the statistics presented in the various HS rail documents. I happened upon this recently : in context it's either amusing or saddening depending on your nature - its from "Tomlinson's North Eastern Railway" (a bible within its topic field) Page 731-2 and is a quote from Sir George S. Gibb:

    Link http://www.archive.org/details/northeasternrail00tomlrich (erratic sometimes needs a retry)

    '"Their main use," he explained "is practical, not theoretical. They do not enable persons bent on pursuing....." '

    I'll let you read the rest. Best wishes.