29 Nov 2010

External costs of road use

I came across this in the Guardian's Comments is Free

The annual external costs of road use in the UK have been estimated as follows...
  • Air pollution £19.7 bn
  • Congestion £17.5 bn
  • Accidents £9.4 bn
  • Noise £2.6 bn
  • Road damage £1.5 bn
  • Climate change 0.1 bn
  • (Road building not included)
  • Total £50.8 bn.
This contrasts with the revenues obtained by the exchequer from motorists via fuel taxes and duty (Fuel tax: £12.5 bn, Excise duty: £3.6 bn; Total: £16.1 bn)

Thus motorists are being subsidised by an amount three times larger than the taxes and duty they pay.


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