8 Mar 2011

Fur coat and no knickers

Jim Steer, leading proponent of the high speed rail project and founder of Greengauge21 has written this article in the Guardian, the second on the subject within just a few days.

The comments are more interesting than the article itself. There are a few in support, from hardened HS2 advocates, but the majority are opposed. Most make the obvious and reasonable point that the rest of the system needs to get the investment and that high speed rail is of little value unless it is well connected to the rest of the system. There is little benefit in high speed rail if passengers then find themselves in a taxi stuck in a traffic jam, where the time saved is quickly squandered. It seems that there is growing appreciation of this simple and obvious point.

How quickly it will take Britain's lords and masters to grasp this is another question, especially given the weight of vested interests that is now gathering behind the HS2 bandwagon.

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