31 Aug 2011

Crossrail stock decision deferred

London Overground - Canonbury

Following the row over the award of the Thameslink rolling stock contract to Siemens, the Secretary of State for Transport has put the decision about rolling stock for Crossrail on hold.

This project needs a thorough rethink, especially at the western end of the route. It should not run over the GW main line beyond Heathrow Junction. One possible option would be to run the trains onto the Hammersmith branch of the Metropolitan, thereby releasing capacity on the busiest stretch of the Circle Line.

The whole service could then form part of the London Overground system. That answers the fleet procurement question, as a further build of the Bombardier class 378 would do the job nicely.


  1. Not sure what you mean here? Do you mean that it should replace the Hammersmith and City underground line?
    So the Western terminii would be Heathrow and Hammersmith, but in that case it would not run on any current Overground lines. At Acton it is possible to get to the overground network, but that goes north to Watford or South to Clapham via Shephards Bush, I don't see how it relates to Hammersmith.

  2. It would not be physically connected to the London Overground, though there might conceivably be an interchange near Acton. But Crossrail could have a common fleet of class 378 Electrostars. Or alternatively a run-on build of LU class S.

    If it is not going all the way to Reading, then it does not need a new design of rolling stock.