25 Sep 2011

Regional services

I just arrived in Brighton after a journey from Oxford that took four hours. The outward journey took 2 hours 25 minutes due to catching an earlier train than the advertised connection at Reading. In both directions the journey was uncomfortable, with the trains very overcrowed on the return.

These are the kind of journeys where most people's would automatically opt to go by car, and no wonder.

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  1. It is the problem of Sunday rail travel. Farnborough Main station has 4 trains an hour during the rest of the week, but only 1 on a Sunday, this results in the Sunday services being a lot busier. It is my understanding that while train services Mon-Sat have improved over the years since privatisation Sunday services have changed little.
    This results in it being difficult/uncomfortable for people to go away for a weekend by train, which is when most people will be willing to try taking the train.