18 Nov 2011

Trains too long

Chiltern Railways has extended a service to London by an extra carriage; great for easing overcrowding, but less helpful to the commuters stuck at Saunderton station because their platform is too short.

Is it beyond the ingenuity of the industry's engineers to devise a system with a detector and locking system so that a door can be opened only if there is a station platform alongside?

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  1. Probably not cost effective for Chiltern Railways to do this as Saunderton has the only platforms between West Ruislip and King's Sutton that cannont take 7 car trains.

    Far more effective would be for the platforms to be extended for one extra car. This is being actively looked at - if adopted it would obviously give CR much greater operational flexibility.

    There are a number of seriously hacked off people at present, so it is to be hoped that a solution can be found relatively quickly. In the meantime, Saunderton commuters are to suffer a significantly worsened service from 12th December 2011.