5 Dec 2011

Hand of tickets

Hand of tickets, originally uploaded by Henry░Law.

It took me the best part of half an hour to buy a ticket from Brighton to Nuneaton on the internet. Even then it was not what I wanted, as I would have preferred to go on the slower train and avoid changing at Rugby but that was more expensive, goodness knows why.

I was not able to print out my own ticket but had to go to the station and fetch it from a machine. This involved typing in a code on the touch screen keyboard, which is always awkward.

In the end, the machine spewed out ticket after ticket, and I finished up with these nine pieces of card. I will leave it to the ticket inspector to sort that lot out.

1 comment:

  1. Ticketing is a joke in this country.
    Here's an example
    Clapham Junction to Fleet £12.60 return
    West Croydon to Fleet via Clapham Junction £12.30 return

    The cost should be based on the trains you use and throwing in the return for a couple of pence shouldn't be allowed.