26 Jun 2010

New surface line stock for London underground

S Stock On 52N, originally uploaded by oiyou.

London's entire fleet of surface line stock is being renewed with a single fleet. Some of it dates from 1960, most of it from around 1970 or 1978/79. All has been refurbished in the past ten years and looks perfectly presentable.

Of course there are advantages in having new trains and a single uniform fleet, or ought to be. They can use less less electricity through regenerative braking, and they should also cause less wear and tear on the track and need less maintenance.

But will they? And how long will it take to realise the savings and recover the cost of the investment? It's just a question.

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  1. When I lived in London around 2004-6, I remember the Jubilee line being the most new and Northern and Central lines having relatively new stock (1995). The Victoria line used refurbished trains from the 1960s.

    The District, Circle and Metropolitan lines were the older and less shiney routes.

    My overall memory of London's underground network was an impressive one. I lived in London during the 7/7 bombs and do not recall a lot of disruption at the time.

    I think I saw some of the stock you were referring to in Derby a few weeks back. The thought of unifying the network into one identity must surely simplify the tube for all that use it.

    What is your favourite line? Mine is Victoria; Walthomstow - Brixton in half-an-hour? Wow!!